[Thoughts] We are lost but it’s ok/還沒找到理想方向其實真的沒關係

“What are you going to do”, “What job are you going to find”, as a young graduate you must be familiar with those questions, and “I don’t know” are the most answered. We might be lost now but it’s ok, it’s ok for us to try every kind of possibility before we are too old to find out that we don’t love the thing we are doing.

“你現在在做什麼”,”你要找什麼工作”?做為一位大學剛畢業的新鮮人對這些問題一定不陌生而”不知道“大概是90%你會聽到的回答。我們可能還不確定自己的方向,但是沒關係。有一天當你有一定的歲數了,你才發現自己並不喜歡自己正在做的事,直到這天來臨之前 我們都還有的是時間 機會嘗試各種工作各種領域,各種自己有興趣的事物。

In the beginning, I felt quite lost also, but through the people I’ve met and stories I’ve heard, I stopped panicking and think: people with the lifestyle I adored worked hard for years to be in that position and they are years older than me, what am I rushing? It’s not like I will have my dream life overnight. I am just glad that I know I’m on my way to where my heart wants me to be. Also from a chat which inspired me “You don’t have to be anxious, if you want something bad enough, just like knee reaction, what you are doing now is the path towards where you want to be, your heart will lead you


So, here are some tips which might help you out

Inspired by Aggie Lal founder of Travel in her shoes. In her youtube video, she told us how she realized that she had to quit her job. Ok~wait~this is not the “I quit my job to travel” thing, but she said something which is quite helpful for people who are not sure if they should continue with their job or not.

No matter what you are doing now, look at your superiors who are at least 5 years ahead of you, see where they are now, and are they comfortable with their lives?
Then find people 10 years ahead of you, see how good they are, and are you jealous of their lives? Are they passionate about living? Do they have the lifestyle you adore and are they enjoying what they are doing? They are are the future version of you, if you don’t want to work for so many years to be in their position, I think it’s time for you to quit.

Youtube Link: Click

我很喜歡的一位部落客Aggie Lal分享過:

Youtube 連結: 點我

Also from a conversation that inspired me a lot, there was this person who was in the field of technology for 7 years and also has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in the technology field (so that was a very~hard and long professional study).

But one day he asked himself if today was his last day, will he be happy for himself that he invented some new function on electronic devices which affected the whole world? But the price is, he spent all of his youth in the lab alone inventing those world-changing technologies.
No! So he dumped all he has learned and the high pay salary to do something he was passionate about- Music!
So are you still worried about your path? Just try everything and you will know! What is also important is to figure out what you don’t like.



As a rookie, it is quite important for us to build our experiences and what I heard often is “I don’t like what I am doing but i am going to keep staying because i want my profile to look good, I have to stay for a year” This is very true but from another perspective, time is more precious than experience. The earlier you see what you don’t like and try out in another field, the faster you’ll figure out your interest! As long as you know the purpose of the thing you are doing, go for it 😉


康永哥說過:  找不到真心喜歡的事物時,就去找真心討厭的事物,然後用盡全力 朝著反方向跑


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