[Lisbon, Portugal ] 10 unusual things to do

Planning your itinerary in Lisbon? Not your first time visiting Lisbon, finding cool things to do in Lisbon, unusual things to do in Lisbon? You’ve come to the right place, I’m here to suggest non touristy area of Lisbon!

After living in Lisbon for over a year, I’m here to tell you the places that I’ve collected over time that I will recommend to my friends who are not big fans of crowds and touristic things to do in Lisbon. There are still hidden gems in the city that will allow you to enjoy a piece of tranquility.

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1. Lisbon guided tour with Helicopter experience

If you are looking for a Lisbon guided tour, why not bring it to another level and experience Lisbon fully in the water, land and air?

2. Lisbon aqueduct

Lisbon aqueduct walk

Careless me, during my first trip to Lisbon, I didn’t even acknowledge that there was an aqueduct standing there since the 1700s.

There are 2 best places to have a closer look/ better picture of the Lisbon aqueduct. First is the Jardim das Amoreiras (Amoreiras garden), second is around the Campolide neighbourhood.

If you’re interested in the Lisbon aqueduct walk, head to the Museu da água (Water Museum) and you’ll be able to experience breathtaking vistas of the neighbourhood below.

Lisbon aqueduct

If you are an exhibition type of person and are interested in cultural events, Reservoir Mãe D´Água (Reservatório da Mãe d’Água das Amoreiras) is where you should visit (This secret was shared with me by a taxi driver🤭).

lisbon amoreiras Reservoir

This immersive event I attended in the Lisbon Reservoir lasts every year during June to September. Definitely worth a visit if you’re trying to find some “cool” place during summer in Lisbon or if you’re trying to escape the bustling crowd.

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📍Reservoir Mãe D´Água google map

3. Monsanto Park

Lisbon park Monsanto

If you are more a hiking person or love mountain more than sea, no worries, I got you😉.

Let me introduce you to the Lung of LisbonMonsanto park.

It suits those who are looking for a park with a view of Lisbon. On the weekends some people even organise barbecue meet ups there.

It is also a park to watch sunset in Lisbon and the Lisbon aqueduct can be clearly seen from here.

My partner visited this park at least once a week, so let me share his secret about Monsanto park with you🤫.

Lisbon Monsanto park

If you are not a hiking person and prefer to walk on flat surface(I mean, the hills in Lisbon can be overwhelming🥴), you can take a cab to the Monsanto park easily and ask them to drop you off around this Cell Tower👇🏻 or abandoned restaurant(Panorâmico de Monsanto today) then walk all the way down.

Cell Tower

📍Google map

Panorâmico de Monsanto

The panoramic restaurant of Monsanto, which opened in 1968, served as a restaurant that didn’t last long. It was only opened to the public as a panoramic viewpoint in 2017, definitely one of the unusual things to do in Lisbon.

Lisbon panoramic view

📍Google map

4. Palace Fronteira

Just around one of the Exit of Monsanto is this beautiful lesser people known Portuguese mansion – Palace Fronteira built around 1670.

To visit the interior of the palace a guided tour is required, else the garden is opened to everyone.

🎫 Garden Ticket: 6€ | Garden audio guide: 3€
English Guided tour: 14€ (Mon – Fri 10:00 am, 11:30 am, 1:00 pm, 2:30 pm & 4:00 pm)

🔗 Tripadvisor
🌐 Website
📍Google map

5. Jardim Bordalo Pinheiro

If you like my earlier suggestion of “Parks in Lisbon”, say no more.

Let me share another Park in Lisbon with you- the Bordalo Pinheiro garden. A garden that you’ll find gigantic ceramic made creatures here which represents Bordalo Pinheiro’s work.

If you are interested in Portuguese culture, Raphael Bordalo Pinheiro is someone that might interest you.

Bordalo Pinheiro, an impactful figure in the 19th century of Portugal, famous for his comedic drawing and ceramic work.

Trust me, you don’t have to understand art and you’ll find pieces that signifies his work everywhere around Lisbon.

The Bordalo Pinheiro garden is not only a park that showcases Bordalo’s idea, you can also find events and locals here in the small kiosk inside catching up with friends.

Moreover, Peacocks are residents here! Can you find the white one?

📍Google map

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6. Santo Amaro Chapel

Santo Amaro Chapel

I believe you must have heard of LX Factory when searching for things to do in Lisbon. What you might not know is that 8 minutes walk from the LX Factory is this easily overlooked Santo Amaro chapel with a gorgeous view of the Tagus river.

📍Google map

lisbon hidden gems

7. Fábrica Braço de Prata

Continuing with our talk about the LX Factory, if you like the idea of “factory renovated integrative space”, Fábrica Braço de Prata is the place for you to avoid the crowd in Lisbon.

Cultural events are held here regularly which you can check on their Instagram.

The neighbourhood itself is very pleasant to walk around with another art gallery- Marvilla Art District worth a mention and small cafes thats enjoyable to stop by. Personally recommend Aquele Lugar que Não Existe, quirky style restaurant with good pizza, Café com Calma which I heard was also good.

📍Google map

8. Almada, Portugal

Almada portugal things to do

If you are are not planning to cross the Tagus river to the other side of Lisbon, think again!

Although it has less attractions than the Lisbon old town, the view you get from here is one of the best!

Let me introduce the Almada district to you specifically.

As hard as it might seem to get, you can arrive here simply by Bus, Boat or Train. Or just don’t even bother, Uber and Bolt will be your best friends while getting around in Lisbon!

Cristo Rei Statue


Except for the famous Cristo Rei Lisbon statue that is worth the fame and visit, Boca do Vento is another place I suggest that you consider visiting.

Boca do Vento

Boca do Vento literally translates as “mouth of the wind”, so be prepared for the wind (the view is also guaranteed).

Also, don’t forget to stop by Casa da Cerca art center, which was recommended to me by local residents. They mentioned that the cafe inside offers a perfect view as well.

If this view got your heart, this penthouse in Almada, Portugal, will surely exceed your expectations.

9. Berlengas islands

portugal day trips

Do you know that not far from Lisbon there is an island that was famous for shipwrecks in the past? This is the Berlengas islands!

If you love mysterious caves, spectacular cliffs, and protected animals; Berlengas is the closest from Lisbon that you can be.

To go to Berlengas islands you have to first go to Peniche, a fishermen’s town then change into boat.

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📌Tips: Prepare some seasick pills with you!

10. Paragliding in Lisbon

If you are a more adventure type Person, and this trip to Lisbon is meant to be something memorable, paragliding being one of the most untypical, unusual things to do in Lisbon will be definitely for you!

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Hope that the above recommendations are informative to you 🙂

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