[Tainan] Cosplay in the oldest city in Taiwan

Are ready to escape the city for some days? And is Taiwan’s oldest city- Tainan on your list? I’m going to give you an insider tip for what you can do in Tainan- Cosplay/ trying our traditional costume ! Below I will share 3 places and 3 different costumes which you can try out, isn’t it interesting to be in our oldest city in our traditional costume! If you are not ready to be transferred from head to toe, the local vibe there is totally worth a visit also.

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歐洲部落格 歐洲部落客

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Where: Lao Tang Lake Art Village

Cost: entrance for village NTD$80

costume  NTD$100/15min



What! When I first saw this place I was so surprised because I can’t believe this kind of vibe really exists in Taiwan, I can only picture this kind of atmosphere in China. This art village is created by Hyper-painter Kuang to preserve Taiwan’s traditional culture. Since 1995, Kuang saw old houses being pulled down, he started to buy materials from them and gradually he created this new life from 100 old ones.



Opening Hours0800-1800

Facebook page: Link

Address: Link

Chinese Cheongsam


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旗跑·旗袍出租體驗let’s start from here(@chipao_anping)分享的貼文 張貼

Where: No. 61, Xiaozhong Street, Anping District (Google Map)

Cost: See the latest price (with hair styling)

Rental hours: 1:00pm-3:30pm

Opening hours: 11:00am-7:00pm, daily

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Japanese traditional costume

Where: Kuruya

Price: Female NTD600/ Male NTD400/ Kid 300 / 2hr

Note: within the renting hours you can stroll around Tainan with the traditional costume on. Kuruya is like a small Japanese village in Taiwan with lots of Japanese style surroundings, even if you’re not renting it is also a nice place to chill with the food stands around.


Opening hours:11:00~20:00 (closed on Wednesday)

Facebook page: Link

Address: Link

Hope you will enjoy and tell me what’s your favorite place in Tainan

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